Pieces of Purpose

What we become is a long term repetitive process of uniting the pieces that we have available in front of us and continually searching for the pieces that are lost.

Fear Faces Forward

Fear will always keep you from the very answer you have been praying for. It is possible that we stumble right over the very thing we have been waiting for.

Hide and Seek

It is a hide and seek relationship. We hide, God seeks us. God hides, we seek God. God seeks us for restoration and healing even though we hide. What makes you seek God?

The Outcast from Nazareth

During his ministry, the religious leaders plotted to kill him. They ran him out of his home town and neglected his purpose to save the world from sin. He came as a savior but was crucified like a criminal.

Running Restored

Running is not the problem, what matters is what we are running to. We often focus more on what we are running from instead of what we are running to. What we run to will decide how quickly we can get back on track.

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