No Shortcuts

You will reap what you sow; we just don’t know when. This principle does not only apply to just finances, but also everyday life, goals, family, relationships.

Figuras Paternas

Entraron en un momento crucial para la vida de uno y siempre serán apreciados y recordados. Puede que estos no sean padres, pero son figuras paternas.

Father Figures

They stepped in at time that was pivotal to one’s life and will always be appreciated and remembered. These may not be fathers, but they are Father Figures.

Power made Perfect

Our struggle will not be prayed away because the purpose is to endure through it creating in us resistance and expanding our capacity.

Poder Perfeccionado

Nuestra lucha no será rechazada porque el propósito es soportar a través de ella creando resistencia en nosotros y expandiendo nuestra capacidad.

Fear Faces Forward

Fear will always keep you from the very answer you have been praying for. It is possible that we stumble right over the very thing we have been waiting for.

Break the Safe

Fears must be faced, step out of safe and into the unknown. You never know how successful you can be just by stepping out into the unfamiliar. Instinctively break the safe and stumble into success.

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