Guard the Gaps – Part 2

Why is it that soon after you finally overcome the fear to start what you have been putting off for sometime, opposition all of the sudden rears its ugly head? Soon after you finally take that first step forward overcoming self doubt and you manage to muster up the courage to start that new thing, an opposite force is there to meet you on the same stage.

Often we face opposing forces at the very same time that we begin to gain momentum. In any area of life; family, finances, career, business or our own development; we face challenges at the most inopportune time. Even after preparation and proper planning, we won’t always get it right the first time around. 

At times, it may even seem like a joke. Nothing was against you until you began to move and make something happen with what you already have. It is in that very moment that you have to stand the strongest. When all the odds are against you and nothing seems to go your way regardless of what you do, how much you plan and how you approach it. It is in that challenge that we must bravely stand firm and fight back with all that is in us.

What ever it is that you are fighting for or whatever cause you are defending; remember to guard the gaps. The gaps represent the places where we could be the most vulnerable. The gaps are those dangerous areas that are low hanging fruit for any opposition. Guarding the gaps is standing in front of the unfinished product protecting its integrity. 

Nehemiah in the bible led the people to rebuild the rubble they found in Jerusalem that had been terrorized. At one point the builders became tired because it was too much to handle. Later, we read that they stood-fast in the areas that were not yet complete and the areas of the walls that were only halfway up. Even with the difficult task they never gave up. 

They stood by families protecting the most vulnerable areas. The areas where the enemy had planned to attack. By day and by night they stood strong protecting the assigned gaps. They built with one hand and held a sword in the other.

When they heard the sound of the trumpet they joined forces at that spot and fought together as one. They called and trusted on the Lord, they worked and fought at the same time until the battle was won.

Nehemiah reminded them, “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” 

I raise this question to you. Who or what are you fighting for? Don’t forget why you started the journey you decided to tread. The battle will never be easy. There are gaps that are open and vulnerable. There are unfinished areas that others may want to tear down or come against. Guard the gaps, and remember who and what you are fighting for. 

It may require hard work, commitment and consistent sacrifice. Other times it may require an ambidextrous effort to fight as your building. Nevertheless, don’t stop fighting. Most importantly call upon the Lord and remember who and what you are fighting for as you guard the gaps.

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