Guard the Gaps – Part 1

This past Sunday I had the privilege of sharing this message with the church. I would like to extend the life of this message through this platform and share it with you. I pray that this message is a blessing to your life as it has been for mine.

We know that King David was an amazing warrior and leader. Like many of us, King David had his faults. However, David knew how to get back to a place of worship through humbling repentance, offering sacrifices to God and reestablishing the relationship.

After he repents before God for taking an ill-advised census, he builds an altar in the threshing floor that he purchased at full price from A-rau’nah the Jeb’u-site. He then offered burnt offerings and peace offerings unto the Lord which the Lord accepts and ceased the plague from Israel. (2Samuel 24) 

David always had it in his heart to build a temple for the Lord and properly establish a resting place for the Ark of the Covenant. The Lord gave him specific instructions not to build it because of the blood he shed, but did tell him who would. Soloman his son would be responsible of this task. (1Kings 5:3-5)

King David then takes trouble upon himself to make all the necessary preparations for the construction of the temple which Soloman would later build. Later he gives direction to Soloman and blesses him with wisdom and understanding to properly govern over Israel. (1Chronicles 22)

When it came time to build, Soloman built the temple in Jerusalem (the land David previously conquered) in Mount Moriah, the same place where David previously built an altar for the Lord in the same threshing floor he had acquired. The temple was then built by Soloman in a time when there was peace and quietness. (2Chronicles 3:1)

Some will identify themselves with David because you have had to fight for everything you have and earned every step of the way. Some have fought to establish their families and homes because they had no prior foundation to build on. Many have decided to do things differently from previous generations, breaking curses and paradigms. This process has not been easy to say the least and has been troublesome, but this has not been in vain.

Through teary efforts, battles won, and established spiritual foundation now your children and your children’s children will be able to build on what you have acquired. They can now build a future on peace and quietness. More importantly knowing the one true God in their heart.

Others will identify with Soloman. He built on land previously acquired by his father David. He built in the place his father purchased and where he built an alter having had a personal relationship with God. Peace and quietness that followed were God’s promise, but also because David had earnestly fought off in battle every enemy in sight at the time.

Soloman is recognized as the wisest man that ever lived. He was not filled with wisdom simply because he asked God for it, but because David his father prayed over him blessing his life with wisdom and understanding before Soloman even knew to ask for it. 

Wether you identify with David or Soloman, nevertheless we are all building something. You may find yourself fighting off curses from the past in order to provide your family a better future and Godly foundation. 

Others will realize that they are a few steps ahead of the game because the foundation that was already laid. They now have the opportunity to build a life in peace, quietness with wisdom and understanding. 

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