No Shortcuts

“A person can pay now and play later, or he can play now and pay later.  Either way, he is going to pay.”

John C. Maxwell 

When a nice luxurious car pulls up next to you at a traffic stop, it is easy to notice because these types of cars tend to stand out. It is hard not to notice. Our mind automatically begins to compare to what we are driving. At times we may catch ourselves thinking; “it must be nice.” 

We can notice someone who has reached a high level of fitness and automatically compare ourselves in parallel and think of how much work we have to do. 

Often we come across people who have reached a high level position in their career or job and our mind reacts to the thought of how life would be for us if we had a position like that.  

The truth is that none of these things were ever achieved over night. The nice luxury car just didn’t come park itself in the driveway and drop the keys off at the front door step. 

The highly achieved fitness person did not wake up one day looking the way they do. 

High level executives and employees did not walk in on their first day straight into the top floor corner office without experience or credentials. 

All of these things require good habits, hard work, dedication and sacrifice. They all share the same formula. It requires years of good consistent habits to achieve a high level of performance. This is the ugly side to all the nice things we dream of having. The side that very few want a part of. 

“Successful people consistently do what others do occasionally.”

Craig Groeschel 

Shortcuts do exits, but seldom ever work for long term results. They only lead to disappointments and shortcomings. We’ll always spend more time and effort trying to scheme a quicker, shorter route in order to achieve the results we want; instead of going through the requirements to earn them.   

Some rather purchase the luxury vehicle just to look the part even if it is outside the suggested budget. Some rather purchase quick weight loss gimmicks instead of putting in the work at the gym. Others rather roll the dice at winning the lottery rather than putting in the work for the income they want to have.

Society today is driven by a shortcut mentality because we want the results without having to put in the work. It would be nice to reap the fruit without sowing the sacrifices. Who would not take that deal?

The truth is that life was not designed this way. You will reap what you sow; we just don’t know when. This principle does not only apply to just finances, but also everyday life, goals, family, relationships. 

Nothing to date can compare to the results of commitment, consistency, great habits, hard work and dedication. Some may look the part, but the results and the lifespan of a shortcut will always seem to be…cut shorter. 

He went away a second time and prayed, “My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.”

Mathew 26:42

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