When will Change Happen?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Recently I was thinking of “change” and how now it seems to be a common theme recently; more so when it relates to culture and cultural boundaries. Consequently, I drowned my thoughts in more simple personal change and it brought me to the question;

When does change happen?” At what point does a person make the necessary changes to improve ones life? 

In order to answer this question in my opinion; I need to ask the following question: Why is it that some people understand certain character traits and subconsciously practice them without being told to do so?

These types of people see and understand the purpose of these traits, but perhaps no one sat with them to decide when these traits would be lived out specifically. It is likely they were taught humbleness, pride, integrity and like topics at some point in their life, but this does not define when the person changed their mind and decided to live them out. 

Some people just simply get-it.

Some live these traits because they “get-it.” However there are some who do not see what these people see; why is that some see it, “get-it” and others do not? At what point does a person come to realize that they need to change? 

If you can’t force someone to change, then what do you do?

Not everyone learns by seeing and being around good examples. Many suffer from severe blindness and never see or understand even if the answer is glaring in front of them. Subsequently, cutting themselves short of making potential positive changes in their life.

Change is personal.

All you can do is be an expanse. If you teach the word of God, continue teaching. If people do not understand it now, they will understand it later. Change is personal and cannot be forced. Until it is revealed to you; it is then that you will understand what needs to change. The steps will follow. 

It is then change happens. Until the person just simply and finally “gets-it.” 

Isn’t that what Jesus did?

Jesus continued to teach the word even if many questioned and did not understand it. The ones that did “get-it” understood who he was; not because he told them, but because it was revealed to them by the spirit.

Even if he was clear and did tell the nonbelievers, they still would not understand. This proved the severity of their blindness even when they saw the truth standing and speaking in front of them. 

Jesus kept teaching the word. He let some see the miracles, other simply heard of them, but even then many remained blind to who he was. They didn’t “get-it.” He continued with his purpose until many finally got-it. May others never did until after his death. Change cost Jesus his life.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalms 51:10

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