Expansible Thinking

If you feel limited to creative ideas, carefully examine your confinements. These entrapments are not always literal, they could be phycological. Paradigms that were planted in our minds before we had the opportunity to make any decision for ourselves.

Who Do You Know?

The greatest opportunities mostly come from people you know, but at what cost? If there was nothing in it for you, would you still reach out to them?

Living without the Likes

The approval we seek from other people has the power to mislead our personal perception creating in us false feelings of fear and insecurity because our purpose was not appointed by the people.

Running Restored

Running is not the problem, what matters is what we are running to. We often focus more on what we are running from instead of what we are running to. What we run to will decide how quickly we can get back on track.

What is the Color of Love?

He demonstrated his love with out speaking a word. Eventhough he was the Word, His actions resonated louder than his voice. In His greatest silence, the Word preached the loudest message of Love ever heard.

Little Things Matter Most

It’s about the little things we do consistently that will bring significant results. The results hinge on what the little things consist of. You have ultimate dominion over what little things you decide to build with. Choose carefully because the outcome can be bigger than you think.

20/20 Obser-Vision

Observation sets the stage for our perspective determining how the vison comes to life. In other words, the realization of our vision is pre-determined by our perception, but our perspective is only as strong as our closest observation.

You Don’t Need a Title to Make a Move

True leaders do not chase titles, they chase opportunities to serve. Titles direct perceptions through a narrow tunnel; only focusing on what their “titles” hold them accountable for. The title does not define the leader, the leader gives the title a definition by demonstrating.

Your Mind is iN High Demand

How can we remain focused on our vision when everything in our culture and society begs for our attention? Streams of marketing rush through every angle as we incline our mind to it all. We lose focus and lose sight of our goals simply because our Mind is in High Demand.

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